Фанаты Насти Каменских шокированы рационом ее питания
Fans of the singer believe that “this is impossible”.

Фанаты Насти Каменских шокированы рационом ее питания

Nastya Kamensky

Photo: Instagram

Nastya Kamensky seems to know about healthy eating
all. After in 2013, because of endless touring with a companion
fast food, she gained weight of 80 kilograms and the height is 170 centimeters, the singer “took a body” and made it
close to ideal. Today Nastia is an enviable relief
trained muscles and appetizing forms. Kamensky always
says that it is not only regular exercise, but, of course, proper nutrition. Artist
shared a photo of his traditional dinner with the subscribers: it consisted of
buckwheat and boiled chicken breast.

“Very often I hear that proper nutrition is
difficult, long, expensive. It’s all a lie,
excuses and laziness, I think, — says Nastya. — Photo of my lunch. Buckwheat and
boiled chicken fillet. Delicious, nutritious, affordable!”

Surprisingly, instead of approving comments on
Kamensky came under a barrage of negative reviews. Members unanimously
decided that is impossible, dry, tasteless, and such a dinner gets a lump in

“I don’t know… to pictures of my favorite food from childhood to the
this day — surprised Kamensky. — Of course, every day is the same —
bored, but, to lose weight very even”.

The singer’s figure is the envy of many colleagues,
adheres to several principles in the diet. For example, such. Food should
take 3-4 times a day at the same time. The body becomes accustomed to clear
mode, the constant feeling of hunger will disappear and products will be better absorbed.

Snacks should be abandoned. In extreme cases,
replace sandwiches and sweets with fruit. It is important to drink more water. For
Nastya ideal amount is 4 liters per day.

No fried foods! Meat and fish
should be baked in the oven or cook on the grill. Will have to forget about the harmful
products: sausages, sugar, flour.

By the way, She doesn’t eat the tomatoes: they
delay fluid in the body.