Fans of “Mushrooms” attacked Dzhigan

The famous rapper is suspected of plagiarism. Some users of social networks found that the composition Dzhigan “Days and nights” blew up the Internet resembles the tracks “Mushrooms” “the ice Melts”. Recently, the music star has released the video for the new song, what fueled such speculation.

Recently, the rapper djigan presented a new video for the song “Days and nights”, which was shot in Moscow in early April. The contractor said that a song dedicated to beloved wife Oksana Samoilova. Before the premiere of the video Dzhigan compared with the Network blew a hit of the Ukrainian group “Fungi” “Melting ice”, and after the release of accusations of plagiarism have increased.

“Between us melts the ice”: as the star contracted fashion, “Mushrooms”

Many social network users leave comments that compare the creativity of the rapper with the “viral” composition popular Network team. Some fans Dzhigan also noticed that the main character of his video like two drops of water similar to the soloist of the South African group Die Antwoord yo-Landi Visser. “Like “ice Melts”, “Copy “Mushrooms”, “Cosplay? Or plagiarism?”, “Shame,” “I’m in shock,” “How so?”, “When I listen to this song, before the eyes of a very different video”, “Zakos” under all, the easiest to copy and remove clip”, “What’s next?” – discussed the audience with new works of music stars.

At the same time, there were those fans Dzhigan who, on the contrary, supported its composition. “The concerts will be okay”, “cool Song”, “don’t listen to anyone”, “High”, “Good”, “It’s pop music! Standard harmony, drums, all songs are very similar to each other. So not the fact that someone copied. One tonality and rhythm in the chorus has nothing to say”, “Normal track “Mushrooms” everything is stuck”, “Fire”, “Goosebumps”, “I love,” wrote defenders of the rapper.

We also add that djigan presented a composition, made a lot of noise, at the end of March. “Premiere! Imagine a new song, “Days and nights” – dance track about endless love,” wrote the rapper on social networks. Later, the artist invited fans to light for his work in the clubs. “Today is Friday, which means the motion!” – shared the star on Instagram.

Earlier in a similar situation was the singer Elena Temnikova. The actress was suspected of plagiarism after Internet users compared her track “Emulsy” song British electronic Duo Gorgon City, which is called No More. Elena herself refutes such speculation. Western star spoke openly about stealing Elena Temnikova