Fans of Mariah Carey are concerned about her health

Поклонники Мэрайи Кэри обеспокоены ее здоровьем
The singer was forced to cancel a series of concerts.

Mariah Carey


Fans of the 47-year-old Mariah Carey is scared. The singer announced
she is once again forced to cancel a series of planned concerts
which had become part of her Christmas tour. According to
spread the hearing, the health of the singer raises concerns.

It all started with a seemingly innocent cold,
where Cary has canceled the first concert. The singer, who still meets with her young boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, wrote a humorous
a letter to his fans: “My lambs! Christmas
closely and has already begun the season of gifts. And I have already received my “gift” in the form
cold. You know how I love my Christmas show, this is my favorite way
to celebrate the New Year. But my doctor prescribed me bed
mode, so I will not be able to sing on stage. And as long as my health
not get better, I’ll have to postpone all my show of the tour. Hopefully soon
I’ll see you!”

Soon, however, Mariah was not joking. Available
information, her condition worsened and she was hospitalized. Throughout
likely, it is at least of severe bronchitis. And Mariah had
write a new message in which she apologized for what she had to cancel
a few more shows. “I congratulate all a happy Thanksgiving. Of course, I am grateful
for everything that happened to me this year. In particular, and for my health in General.
However, as it turned out, I need more time to completely come up. Dr.
told me that I need extra rest in bed before
to be able to continue my tour!” — posted by Cary. However, when it actually will recover enough to be able again to go on stage, is completely unclear.