Fans of Larisa Guzeeva accused her of indulging in Satanism

Поклонники Ларисы Гузеевой обвинили ее в потакании сатанизму

Over the weekend around the world celebrated Halloween. In the West, the festivities in honor of all saints Day more widespread than we have, however, now we also have themed parties, people dress up in weird, scary or funny costumes to showcase your creativity and creative taste.

To celebrate Halloween I decided and daughter Larisa Guzeeva Olga.

On the pages of the leading “let’s get married” in the social network there were photos Lyali in makeup that subscribers Guzeeva smashed to smithereens.


Followers do not like the fact that the previously rather cold attitude in the West Guzeeva, decided to celebrate “their” holiday. Besides netizens said that such actions Larisa awakens in daughter satanic beginning.

It should be noted that most of the audience has not spoken directly to the address of Lely, but only drew attention to the fact that it is not necessary to note senseless, in their opinion, a holiday which does not carry anything preachy.

“Everyone has their own opinion, it is bad for You or good. Or close all and read only what you want to see and hear”, “God, envy, no no, just feel sorry for the people who do not realize that painting their faces, Natalya nasty masks and celebrating this holiday is very much attracting to himself the satanic force, and then … Better not to talk about the consequences, and bring upon themselves trouble,” “When in America, will celebrate Shrove Tuesday , then I’ll make myself a make for Halloween!”, “This festival is not for the people of Russia!” – posted by enraged netizens.

Guzeeva unable to keep silent and put his followers in place, advising that those who do not like the fact that she publishes on her page to unsubscribe.