Поклонники Ксенофонтовой организовали масштабный флешмоб в поддержку актрисы Star of the TV series “Kitchen” can not reconcile the contradictions, arising in the relations with the former civil husband Alexander of Red. Ex-spouses are in conflict not only about how to communicate with shared daughter Sophia, but also because of the apartment. Social media users demand a retrial Ksenofontova.
Поклонники Ксенофонтовой организовали масштабный флешмоб в поддержку актрисы

Elena Ksenofontova continues to plead with her ex-husband Alexander Red, which lived in a civil marriage. This time the subject of disagreement between the ex-spouses has become flat, given by the lawyer to the actress. To complete repairs to it, Elena broke up with your own home.

Former husband of Helen Ksenofontova throws it on the street

Later it was realized that can’t live in a place which is associated with many negative memories for me and sold the gift of a spouse. So now Red claim for a new apartment of the actress. According to the law, the deed can be terminated if the donee has intentionally caused the donor bodily harm. Earlier, Alexander filed a lawsuit that Elena beat him. Last year Ksenofontova overturned the verdict, but was found guilty. Therefore, the ex-wife stars there are grounds for claims for property that belonged to the actress.

Поклонники Ксенофонтовой организовали масштабный флешмоб в поддержку актрисы

Yesterday in Moscow was held the meeting but it was postponed on 5 February. Numerous friends and fans of Elena Ksenofontova believe what happened to her injustice and require reconsideration of her case. In their opinion, the actress has not caused her husband’s injuries, therefore, should be acquitted.

Social media users organized a massive flash mob in support of Ksenofontova. They sign a petition posted on the website change.org and photographed with the words “the Voice of Elena Ksenofontova needs to be heard!” Defenders of the actress accompany their posts with the hashtag “can not be silent to speak.”

“We believe that this blatant injustice must not be ignored! The investigative Committee repeatedly refuses to initiate proceedings against a lawyer Red A. N. the person is really guilty (!) in the deposition of Elena beating – should, in the end, to fulfill their duties! The voice of Elena Ksenofontova needs to be heard! Ask the court to review the case of Ksenofontova Elena Yurievna and to render a fair decision”, – stated in the collective appeal of fans of Helena.

Among those who publicly took the side of a celebrity, was her colleague on the shop floor Maxim Vitorgan. “My dear Helen, hold on, please! If there’s anything I can help you, always ready!” – he turned to Ksenofontova.

At the moment a petition in defense of the actress, addressed to Vladimir Putin, the President of the Supreme court Vyacheslav Lebedev and Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, signed by about three thousand people. “Women’s rights must be protected!”, “I’m for justice”, “Truth of the law on the side of Helena. Very many of the facts just close my eyes and don’t attach them to the case”, “domestic violence needs to stop,” “do you Want an honest review of the case,” commented the Internet users.