Fans of Ksenia Borodina talking about her third pregnancy

Фанаты Ксении Бородиной заговорили о ее третьей беременности One of the new images from the stars has caused a mixed reaction from subscribers. Ksenia Borodina pictured in voluminous sweatshirt, under which fans considered rounded tummy.

      TV presenter Ksenia Borodina and has two beautiful daughters: the eldest Marusya and little Theon, who recently turned a year. The star shared in his new frame, which really thrilled her followers. Members suggested that Borodin once again expecting a child.

      Ksenia showed a beautiful cake that she ordered one of my favorite pastry studios. Next to mom is Mary, she looks at the camera and smiling. Members appreciated not only the cake, but also a beautiful lemon tree in the background. However, a number of users suggested that the star is in an interesting position.

      “Pregnant?”, “I think the one that Ksenia tummy in the photo?” “She’s pregnant again?”, “Ksenia, you in position? Confess”, “In the course of tummy,” wrote some of the users of the social network.

      Others noted that it is a visual deception, as presenter a free shirt. In the previous footage, which the star posted on Twitter, you can see that she is still slender, and about changes to the figures there is no question. Xenia carefully watching their weight and trying to get better. Familiar Borodina always give her compliments about her perfect taste in clothes, and praising her slender waist and toned legs.

      Recall that in the winter of last year, Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov daughter, Thea. The leader and the businessman was very happy and after her birth actively shared impressions with journalists. As told Ksenia “StarHit”, for older children, they said immediately that they will have a new addition to the family.

      “Marusya, and she noticed that the mother while walking, stopped to ride with her on the roller coaster, sometimes is not feeling well. Picked these words: “we’re having a baby” that she understood that it was the total joy and was not jealous. The daughter smiled: “And to wait long?” Omar we said, when I have a little belly. He was very happy! Children have the entire pregnancy to prepare for the emergence of a new person, so when it happens, the older you do not have the syndrome and the lack of attention,” – said the leader.