Fans of Kristina Asmus admire her resemblance with her daughter

Поклонники Кристины Асмус восхищены ее сходством с дочкой The actress shared a touching family video. In the video you can see the facial features of the girl, despite her looks, famous parents continue to conceal. Followers of Christine Asmus sure that the heiress like her.

      Yesterday, February 28, the star of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov celebrated 36th anniversary. In addition to numerous congratulations from friends and fans, this day is a showman, and got the most important words – a touching compliment from a three year old daughter Nastia. The baby was named Kharlamov beautiful and smart, and then kissed several times and hugged dad.

      “Our beloved, happy birthday! An ideal husband and father! We love you very much! The most reliable and caring. And beautiful and smart. Let’s go!” – signed the post Asmus.

      Though the girl’s parents not show her face, posting pictures and videos only from the back, in the video, which I posted in Instagram Kristina herself, still visible the neat features of a little girl. Subscribers artist immediately found her resemblance with her daughter.

      “In three years, and such long hair just like mom”, “just like her mother, beautiful daughter”, “What a cute doll!”, “Hair like Rapunzel! Very similar to yours, Christine”, “Sorry, you can not see the face, but it seems that like you!” such comments leave under the roller followers of the actress.

      By the way, fans noted not only charming appearance Nastya, but also a beautiful voice, developed for speech and a special tenderness with which the heir belongs to the father.

      “Christina, what you have a great daughter! And speaks clearly. Garik wonderful father!”, “Still, the daughter has a daughter – and such a tender hug!”, “God, what a voice the girl has! Just really cute! Happy birthday Garik, be happy with your family!”

      Interestingly, many fans hope in the near future to see a star daughter, not only on the Internet but on television as a small actress. However, she Asmus believes this profession for a child extremely difficult.

      “Sport is cruel, and the acting profession is very dependent, complex. Successful, famous is one actor out of thousands and this is a very difficult psychological burden. I would not wish her such a fate. It’s blood, sweat, and pain, as these athletes… No, their child such a fate I would not wish. And gymnastics… of Course, she tempered his character and disciplined me. I wish my daughter has developed something a hundred percent stable. But, of course, no matter what path she choose, I will support it – when it comes to sports,” shared Christine with “StarHit”.