Fans of Kanye West sell t-shirts with “the dead” Taylor swift

Фанаты Канье Веста продают футболки с «умершей» Тейлор Свифт

The conflict between Kanye West and Taylor swiftapparently has not yet reached its peak. They had little to quarrel with each other – they had to pull millions of fans in their strife. After Kim Kardashian posted a conversation a country singer and rapper, proving that Taylor consented to the West he remembered it in his new song, the audience was divided into two camps. And here’s the Kanye fans who believe that after such a scandal about swift can be forgotten, began to produce t-shirts with the epitaph on a Taylor.

Фанаты Канье Веста продают футболки с «умершей» Тейлор Свифт

They depict the very swift, the year of her birth and the year of the alleged death in 2016. On some there is the wish “rest in peace”. By the way, recently on one of the streets of Melbourne appeared graffiti, which also “buried” Taylor.
Recall that in his new hit single “Famous” Kanye called Taylor “су4кой”, and her indignation replied that she gave her consent, and that they had already agreed on the text. Kim Kardashian, wife of rapper has published a recording of a conversation allegedly proving their innocence. But Taylor stands his ground: it was about the General idea for the song, and the more swift no one would be allowed to call themselves.
The singer was shocked because her conversation recorded without permission or prior notice. It is unknown whether served Taylor in court on Kanye. On the one hand, the rapper spoke on the loudspeaker, and their conversation was heard by several people, and a phone conversation, according to the laws of California, is not considered private, but swift did not even know that at this point, it not only listens to Kanye.

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