Fans of “jeopardy” cannot believe in the mysterious death of the master

Поклонники «Своей игры» не могут поверить в загадочную смерть магистра Journalist Andrei Zhdanov died over the weekend. The man was one of the brightest participants of the TV show. Relatives found his body a few hours ago in an apartment in Togliatti.

      Поклонники «Своей игры» не могут поверить в загадочную смерть магистра

      Today in his apartment was found dead one of the most successful scholars of the program “jeopardy” Andrey Zhdanov. According to preliminary data, the man died over the weekend. Relatives found the body in his own apartment in Togliatti. Man on 12 February would be 47 years old. It is reported that now the exact cause of death is established, on a place works operatively-an investigation team. According to them, some damage on the body could appear as a result of suicide or murder.

      Fans of the intellectual game can’t believe one of the strongest scholars no longer alive. Colleagues, acquaintances and viewers of the “jeopardy” mourn, uznav about the death of Andrei Zhdanov.

      “Some two years ago, we played against each other in “brain-ring”, “Voroshilov sharpshooter”, and then debated the final battles, while sitting at a table with Andrew and his wife Anna. And here – no Anna, and is now gone and Andrew. The bright memory! Mourn…,” “Great wit and charm was a great man! RIP. The Kingdom of heaven to you, man!” “Yes, it is a pity talent, God rest his soul,” wrote concerned.

      Not so long ago Andrey Zhdanov suffered a great loss passed away his wife Anna. Woman killed herself at the end of August 2015. She jumped off the roof of flats in the centre of the city of Togliatti. According to relatives, the man adored his wife. He could not come to terms with such grief and after the event was plunged into a protracted depression.

      According to colleagues of Andrei Zhdanov, for many years, he worked in his native city of Togliatti chief editor of the newspaper “the Call”. About a week ago a man took a vacation and since then colleagues about it heard nothing.

      Andrey Zhdanov, first appeared on screen in February 1999. He took part in 74 programs “jeopardy”. He was able to win 49 releases. In 2011, ten times in a row it was recognized as the best, and then won the main prize – the car. The last time he took part in the game in September last year.