Fans of Japanese animated movies rejoice: legendary filmmaker, Hayao Miyazaki is back!

Фанаты японских анимационных фильмов ликуют: легендарный режиссер Хайяо Миядзаки возвращается!
75-year-old Maestro is working on a new film.

Hayao Miyazaki


two Oscars and two more nominations for the top prize of the film Academy, the Creator
“Totoro” and “spirited away” and “Ghost Ship” — Hayao Miyazaki is back! This good
news reported the online edition of AsiaMoviePulse.

years ago, admirers of the Maestro was extremely worried when Miyazaki
declared: he decided to end his career gets “retired”. The
offensive in this story was that this decision was taken not
health reasons and not due to the fact that the Director was exhausted creative powers. As
just the opposite: he was full of energy and enthusiasm. But Hayao was fatally
offended by the way in Japan met his last to date, a masterpiece
– the animated film “the wind grows Stronger”. For this anti-war “anime” Japanese film critics
accused Miyazaki in the absence of
patriotism, which was quite unjust and hurt his feelings.
After that he decided that today’s Japan, his work is no longer necessary.

on reflection, he decided to change his
solution. The fact that Studio Ghibli, led by Maestro for nearly 20 years was in development
a project called “Caterpillar borough”. Was originally conceived
a short film, which Hayao was going to delegate to another Director. But
it has not turned out anything good.

Miyazaki decided to make himself in the role of Director, and in the course of work understand that it is not
fit into short. In the end, as it was announced, now
time Hayao working on a feature-length cartoon that is planned
to release in theaters in 2019 year. As for the plot of the new work
the Director, something about it is known only that the main character of the cartoon will be
“tiny cute hairy caterpillar, so small, it’s easy
can be crushed with two fingers”.