Fans of Harry Potter need to lay off of johnny Depp

Фанаты Поттерианы требуют уволить Джонни Деппа
The actor is rapidly losing popularity.

Johnny Depp


In the Wake of the scandal, Harvey Weinstein, and dozens
other Hollywood celebrities accused of abuse, johnny Depp
may lose his role in the sequel of the movie “Fantastic beasts and where are they
live”. Fans of Harry Potter, a spin-off of which is a new movie, I think
that Depp is no better than the persons involved in the scandal and want him fired.

The fact that his innocence on charges amber heard, who claimed that he was systematically beaten, humiliated and insulted her, and has not been proven. More
also, johnny has agreed to pay his ex-wife a whopping $ 7 million,
she is fully transferred to the Fund of victims of “domestic violence”. And many
think he did this to hush up the scandal and to bring the case to court.

The makers of the new movie, which will be called “Fantastic
creature: Crime green de Wald” bombarded with thousands of messages in which
a fan of the franchise insist that johnny must leave the crew
the team of the film. “If Director Ridley Scott was able to dismiss the act
in his film, who was involved with the scandal, and replace him with another actor just over a month before the release of movie on
screens, not afraid huge
the additional cost for the retake, the creators of “Crimes.”
can afford to do the same, without making such sacrifices. After working on their film
just started and on the screens will be released only next year!” as stated in
one of the collective messages of the fans.

Moreover, many fans of the franchise think
the candidates to replace Depp is quite obvious. It could be Colin Farrell, brilliantly
played in the first movie the hero Depp, transformed by a magic spell. What decision will accept the new film,
it is still unknown.