Fans of hanky filled up the hospital room artist colors

Поклонники Шуры завалили больничную палату артиста цветами The singer underwent major surgery in Kurgan. Shura seven years suffering with terrible pain in the hip joint. The artist has previously performed surgical intervention in Yekaterinburg, however, required repeat.

Doctors of the scientific center of the Mound held a Shura complicated surgery on the hip joint. The artist said about surgery on Instagram, fans were worried about his health. Singer periodicheski publishes video and photos from the chamber. The footage is the star of the 90s showed the gifts which were presented to his fans.

Shura thanked loyal fans for the gifts and kind words. The artist is unable to walk, but the gifts have raised the mood of the singer.

“The second day after operation gave many surprises. For me and for my doctors. In the morning me to the ward, carrying flowers and gifts, feel on stage, I was stunned. I do not know who to personally thank, because of the flowers had no identification cards. Particularly pleased that you, my mysterious and beloved, thanked the beautiful bouquets my doctors, for my bright and pain free future. The first bouquet I in the truest sense of the word, eat, rather, eat more. Bear in the view, which turned out to be a sweet tooth, was stuffed with candy. Yes! I love them and they are very helpful! Can’t describe the joy that you gave me today! I am happy and glad that you have me there, even when I’m on stage, and in the hospital!” – thanked the singer.

Fans of the actor left on his page the words of support. “Get well and come back to us! With all you new year!”, “Well done. Personally, I give the opportunity to decide on the operation. I am very afraid”, “Get well, Sasha”, “Speedy recovery!” – wished the fans of the star.

Shura admitted that problems with the joints in it because of the performances. The actor always comes on the scene only on the heels. On a high platform the singer performs famous hits and hot dances. Shura is not, how can you appear before the audience in ordinary shoes. This he has repeatedly told me in an interview.

Recall, a few years ago, Alexander became ill with cancer. The singer won a terrible disease. After rehabilitation Shura became anxious attention to his health. He refused to bad habits and lost a lot of weight. Despite surgery, the actor plans to return to the stage in March of this year. The singer plans to resume concert activity. Shura prepares for major surgery

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