У фанатов «Игры престолов» больше шансов на любовь

Scientists have discovered what fans of television movies more attractive to the opposite sex.

It turns out that watching the series is not only a fun pastime, but also an indicator of your sexuality. Success in individual cases depends largely on what series of movies you prefer. This conclusion was made by British scientists conducted a survey among the population of Albion.

The results of the study was published by the Daily Mail. Reportedly, 63 percent of the British believe that the attractiveness of a person depends on what he’s looking at leisure. Half of the respondents believed that the chances of success with the opposite sex fans of the soap Opera “people of the Icht End” (published since 1985, already has over 5,000 episodes), of Coronation Street (since 1960 has exceeded 8000 series) and Doctor Who (since the early 60’s, has 35 seasons). Apparently, the respondents believe that fans of the series, reactionary and boring conservatives, once among the variety of TV products they choose is “junk”. Even less sympathy for the British cause fans of romantic love series.

So what are the television pictures guarantee you a relationship? Drum roll… the most ecstasy and fast heartbeat of the respondents call the fans of “Sherlock”, “the big Bang Theory” and “Game of thrones”. From which we can conclude that market relations are still in demand intelligence, sense of humor and bloodlust. Unfortunately, the fans of such seminal masterpieces as “Clone” and “Engagement ring”, the report scientists said nothing.

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