Поклонники Криса Корнелла бронируют номер отеля, в котором тот свёл счёты с жизнью

It would seem that in 1136й room Detroit hotel MGM Grand after a suicide Chris Cornell residents do not entice, but now fans of the 52-year-old rocker, who lost his idol, advance booking room.

Recall that the Soundgarden frontman took his own life last week. After the successful concert of Chris, a drug addict on treatment – took a large dose of antidepressant was prescribed, and under the action of the drug committed suicide. In the presence of his wife, her brother and two friends of Chris, he was cremated a few days ago, and the funeral will be held today, after which the audience will be able to come to the tomb of the musician on the Florida Forever Cemetery.
As found out by journalists of Detroit, hotel room, in which he committed suicide Chris, booked for months in advance. Manager of MGM Grand said that now this room is the object of the so-called “black tourism”. It turns out that there are special tours to places of suicides of celebrities. Obsessed with death and haunted people want to tickle your nerves, and especially staying in such places. In this case, they are still fans of Chris Cornell.
Recall that Chris’s wife Vicki wrote an open letter addressed to her husband, in which he regretted that on that fateful night he was left alone, and that she was not beside him to help him deal with the obsession. She promised him that no matter how broken it was not, she will find the strength to raise their children.