Поклонники Капитана Америки хотят найти ему бойфренда

The insanity of the West in the homosexual relationships of the characters, movies and cartoons is becoming a frightening trend. More characters in new projects change the orientation. Another victim of the “democratic society” has become Captain America.

Comic book character from the Marvel universe, which for several years embodied by actor Chris Evans in the near future can get a boyfriend. Insist on it fans of movies from Marvel.

In the social network fans staged a promotion: spreading the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend (#Give Captain America boyfriend), netizens hope that their voice will be heard and the Studio will take to implement this idea some steps.

According to the signatories of this event, the people, the recognition of Captain America, gay help Teens who feel that they are homosexuals, to gain confidence in themselves. After all, if strong and tough superhero is not ashamed to admit that he’s gay, that means they don’t have to do the same.


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