Fans of Ani Lorak discuss her grown-up daughter

Фанаты Ани Лорак обсуждают ее подросшую дочь Four-year-old Sofia is growing very beautiful and talented. Singer for a long time carefully hid the child from the attention of the General public, however, recently reversed its position and sometimes demonstrates the heiress to others.

      Фанаты Ани Лорак обсуждают ее подросшую дочь

      37-year-old singer Ani Lorak is a mother of a beautiful girl named Sofia. The actress tries to shield her children from public scrutiny. Ani very rarely shares photos of the girl in social networks, and if they remove it, some prefer not to show the face of Sofia. However, at social events sometimes takes the heiress, but this rarely occurs. In addition, the artist prefers not to dwell on what her daughter, unlike many other star parents.

      Recently Lorak decided to share a picture of his grown daughter. She is four years. Sofia, as you might guess from the publication of her famous mom’s Instagram, is engaged in acrobatics or dancing. She is wearing a beautiful light dress and special shoes for training. In the photo, which was shared Lorak in the microblog, the girl tries to keep her balance. Apparently, she is doing great. Star mom genuinely proud of their child. “To keep the balance! Here’s what the most difficult thing in life”, — has signed a snapshot of the singer.

      Fans of the stars are also happy for the success of Sophia, noting her beauty and grace, and also wished happiness to the family of the singer. “Beautiful girl”, “Lovely photo, good luck to you”, “Little Princess, just like my mom. Let it grow healthy. Wish you happiness and love”, “Wonderful girl”, “Sure, you grow incredibly talented child”, “Very sweet girl”, “Little angel”, “Kids grow up so fast, your family should take an example. Thank you for being there,” wrote in the comments to the post lorac its subscribers.

      Recall, Sophia was born in June 2011. At the moment she is the only heiress of the famous singer Ani Lorak. The baby’s father is a businessman Murat Nalchajian, he is the co-owner of a major travel company. Lorak married Murat in 2009. Sonia very much like his dad in appearance, and he says that the nature of the daughter went into him. The businessman also told in an interview that trying to raise a child in severity, but Ani regularly indulges Sophia Almira.

      The godfather Sony — Filipp Kirkorov, the girl baptized on 7 April 2012 in Holy cross Church of the Kiev-Pechora Lavra. Popular singer doted in Sona. Philip, like Lorak, long hid their children from the public, but now the singer regularly shares photos of Alla-Victoria and Martin with fans. According to them, the heirs of Philip to a tee their famous father.

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