Fans of Alexander Abdulov moved his widow and daughter

Поклонники Александра Абдулова растрогали его вдову и дочь “Spartak” has honored the memory of the actor on the eve of his birthday. Athletes have adorned the tomb of Alexander Abdulov white and red flowers. The widow and daughter of the famous artist appreciated their initiative is appreciated.
Поклонники Александра Абдулова растрогали его вдову и дочь

May 29 Aleksandr Abdulov would have celebrated his birthday. The famous actor was an active supporter of football club “Spartak”. Abdulov has repeatedly admitted his sympathies for the Metropolitan team in an interview.

In early may, “Spartak” for the first time in sixteen years became the champion of Russia on football that was a surprise to experts and fans of the game. “Red-white” managed to significantly beat all of its competitors. After a joyful and long-awaited event, the team decided to honor the memory of Alexander Abdulov and arranged the lawn at his grave. Athletes have graced the burial site of the famous actor bright colors.

“Sasha, we are the Champions!” – this inscription appeared on the grave of the artist.

Close to Alexander Abdulov – his widow Julia and daughter Jack was touched by the sign of attention from the players of the Moscow club. They thanked the athletes for taking care of the grave of a celebrity. “Spartacus – handsome!” – shared Julia Abdulov. The successor of the actor shared the emotions of his mother.

Friends of Alexander Gavriilovich, too, could not remain indifferent to the initiative of the players. “Something incredible. In Sasha’s spirit,” with these words they commented on the appearance of red-pink flowers at the grave of the actor.

On his page in social networks Yuliya Abdulova shared his emotions on the eve of the birthday of deceased husband. “The last nine years – it’s hard after… don’t feel you and love. Thank you and loving those who are near. Please review, understand, and gentle thank you. May… Rises. Casinogo date of birth and me “breaks” Soon… may 29, good day! This man was born! Have a drink for him on the glass for him and for the health of the living”, she said.

We would add that the players, know about Alexander Abdulov football, tried to support him in his struggle with a serious illness. To this end, the athletes took the field in shirts with a portrait of the famous artist. Alexander Gavriilovich appreciated the initiative of the “red-white” in the dignity. He admitted that he was genuinely touched by such an initiative.

We will remind that Alexander Abdulov has died on January 3, 2008 at the age of 54 years. The last years of his life people’s artist of the RSFSR had struggled with lung cancer. Medical professionals diagnosed Alexander Gavriilovich the fourth stage of a serious illness, which is incurable.

In my entire career of the legendary artist played in more than a hundred projects and has received numerous awards, including the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree. On account of Alexander Abdulov can be found roles in such films as “an Ordinary miracle”, “Magicians”, “Formula of love”, “Kill the dragon”, “the Genius,” “That Munchhausen” and “the Most charming and attractive”.