Fans no longer recognize the once popular Tanya Bulanov

Поклонники перестали узнавать некогда популярную Таню Буланову The singer has changed a lot. Tatyana Bulanova now a different haircut. Many of her fans don’t recognize a transformed artist. “I did not do the singer plastic surgery?” asked Internet users.
Поклонники перестали узнавать некогда популярную Таню Буланову

Singer Tatyana Bulanova 49 years old, she has two children – the eldest son of the artist Alexander Magrino 25 years younger – Nikita Radimov – 11. Despite the fact that the peak of the singer’s popularity peaked in the mid-90s, Bulanova still regularly tours, performing on TV, played on the radio. The singer has a lot of loyal fans and an active fan club.

Bulanova never hid the fact that she is not all like in their appearance. She has admitted in interviews that it doesn’t fall under the surgeon’s knife only out of fear, because “coward”. And so she gladly fixed and his nose and his chest, and even would have done liposuction. While Bulanova does not deny that were injected with Botox and what did the other “beauty shots”. However, once unsuccessfully, so much so that I couldn’t awhile speak.

His new photo posted on Instagram, Bulanova once again surprised fans. The singer posted a picture with a new hairstyle, but the Internet users have decided that Tatiana went to the same radical methods of aging.

“When the rain and the mood is not very necessary to go to the salon to do new hairstyle”, – signed photo of Tanya Bulanova.
Поклонники перестали узнавать некогда популярную Таню Буланову

Under the picture, the singer attracted an incredible number of messages, among whom were puzzled, many fans didn’t recognize their favorite artist. “What a beauty”, “the older – the younger!”, “Tatiana, fantastic conversion! If not do you!” “You are more beautiful, more graceful and generally “Good” – even at 18. Man you must be good, just the sort of bright, kind, young face”, “Tatiana, how are you getting younger?” – I wrote to her fans.

Поклонники перестали узнавать некогда популярную Таню Буланову

By the way, once Tatiana Bulanova said: “do Not understand the expression “I like my wrinkles” I won’t.” And I think the actress is doing everything possible to real wrinkles appeared as late as possible. Although not disclose the secrets of his youth.

Bulanova now one, last year she divorced from her husband, football player Vladislav Radimov. In recent times the share of the artist took many tests in 2017 Tanya lost her mother, and less than a month ago her son was in the hospital. Child Tatyana Bulanova had surgery

But Bulanov is not depressed and if she asked how to look good, she always says the same thing: there is little, move a lot, to sleep and to stay in a good mood.