Поклонники перестали узнавать Рассела Кроу
Fans concerned about the health of the actor has changed beyond recognition.

Russell Crowe


The residents of Sydney Australia
not immediately recognized in full man with a thick long
beard of the famous Russell Crowe. Passers-by
caught the actor in a game of basketball with his 11-year-old son Tennyson, whose mother is his
ex-wife, singer Danielle Spencer.
As admitted by the witnesses, to look at how Crowe puffing moving around the court
it was sad. Fans who saw the leaked photo of Russell
started to worry that being overweight can cause serious damage to his health.

Now Crowe almost
it is impossible to imagine as a smoothie, which Meg Ryan once left her husband Dennis Quaid. However, how is the now 53-year-old
actor, the blame is not only his love for “bad food” and beer. Russell, who
already long ceased to be slim and handsome, completely ruined
the figure also due to the commitment of his acting profession, he has many times gained weight for the movie. For example, last year the actor had to gain a solid weight for her role in the film “the Boy Erased”. In the end, he now weighs almost 140 pounds! And in 2016-m
Russell put on weight to 24 kilograms to make a more convincing your character
played in the movie “the Good guys”. But then his weight had reached “only”
121 kilograms. Dialed then the extra weight he was losing a whole year. And
every time to cope with the weight gain became more and more difficult.