Fans Natalie turned her house into the Conservatory

Поклонники Натали превратили ее дом в оранжерею
Today the singer celebrating a birthday.


Photo: Photo from personal archive of Natalie

In the morning to
home today’s birthday girl — singer Natalie, couriers deliver huge baskets of flowers. “At home they are not fit, you have to place in the entrance, says
singer. Now he looks like a real greenhouse”. Gorgeous flowers give
as fans and celebrity friends.

Nikolay Baskov congratulated her friend happy
born, as they say, publicly on his page in the social network, he wrote: “My dear, beautiful, sexy, insanely
talented girlfriend and partner Natalie! I heartily congratulate you happy birthday! Be happy,
create, love, sing and write their beautiful songs to the delight of your huge army
fans! Thank you for your light and sincere attitude to the people! I love you.”

All your birthday Natalie was at work. Though she was not of performances, but organizational issues have accumulated. And in the evening the whole family will be home for the holiday table. Favorite male singer — husband Alexander Rudin and his two sons — 15-year-old Arseniy
and 5-year-old Anatoly, prepare her a surprise. And, blowing out the candles on the cake, Nathalie will most likely make a wish again to become a mother. The singer did not just accept that dreams have
another child. “From my own experience I can say that such plans are not always
true, so — as God wills. Have not say a phrase “I Want a baby”,
because people want impossible. We’re working on it. If one more kid
will come into our lives, we will be happy”, — shared

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