Поклонники оплакивают закрытие любимого сериала «Секретные материалы»
Became known, from-for what such decision was made.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the TV series “Secret materials”


Fans of “Secret materials” saddened collapsed their last hope for
continuation of the cult TV show. As announced by the representative of the Fox, “in our plans
definitely not on shooting the 12th season of the show!” Thus, came to
completing the nearly 25-year history of “Secret materials”.

To the closing of the series brought the solution to one of the two stars TV show — Gillian Anderson. “The 11th season will be my last. In the past year
I had a feeling that we haven’t finished yet. I thought we gave our
the audience is not all that they expected of us. But now, after the 11th
season, I think for me this topic is closed…” said 49-year-old actress.

However, even after this statement, the fans have not lost hope that
the series will continue without Anderson. Because the second star of the show — David Duchovny —
not going to go. He assured that, though “the series had some problems, they can be overcome, so do not hurry to bury our show!”.
Alas, the producers of the Fox felt that without Anderson and Duchovny
do not “pull”.

Recall that the first episodes of “Secret
materials” came to the screen in 1993. After that was removed another 9 seasons
the show, which enjoyed a resounding success. In 2003, the series was temporarily closed. And
continue fans waited only 13 years later, in 2016. But now, after two new
seasons, the show will again be closed. Moreover, Anderson, who played Dana Scully not only in the TV show, but two feature-length films, gave
to understand that it does not intend to return to this role — in any form. Unfortunately, fans don’t have to hope for the creation of another
the full-length version of the TV show.