Fans in shock: Beyonce became ill during a concert

Фанаты в шоке: Бейонсе стало плохо во время концерта

But the singer showed professionalism and interrupt the show did not.

What misfortune does not overtake the singers on stage. Madonna, for example, was already falling from the stage again five commercials, and Valeria had somehow lost my voice on stage… But that was nothing compared to those that had to endure Beyonce! At a concert in new York from her ear gushing blood.

Numerous videos shot by fans, see how the star felt my ear that something was wrong, touched and noticed blood on his hands… And although the video shows some confusion of the performer, the concert she abort did not, and continued to sing.

It later emerged that the actress was merely cut earring. After all, Beyonce on stage themselves things and likes fast movement. But in massive ornaments to deny yourself is not going to.

But even more curious, this incident provoked a flash mob in the network. Twitter launched a campaign with Hughes steamy #CutForBeyonce (“Cut for Beyonce’s”) and #BleedForBeyonce (“Bleed for Beyonce”).

“If the Queen is bleeding, we have to unite and shed our blood to restore her mental strength,” wrote a user of cham, attaching to post a photo of the cut hand.

We have to admit that the action is not the most successful, and can be dangerous! Maybe that’s why some photos on this hashtag have already started to block. The editors of Woman’s Day, in turn, advises to repeat after the fans.