Поклонников ужаснула раритетная фотография Пугачевой Andrei Razin put the fat Diva. Many fans of Alla Pugacheva didn’t even recognize her, but later agreed that now she looks better than 20 years ago.
Поклонников ужаснула раритетная фотография Пугачевой

That Alla Pugacheva is now experiencing a second youth, no doubt. Every year, the actress looks better and the fans do not get tired to admire her slender figure, and simple yet elegant images. Many of them fans that Diva adheres to the most strict diet to look good next to Maxim Galkin.

However, the star could not always boast of slim legs. Singer and producer Andrey Razin decided to share archival photos, which depicted Alla Pugacheva in the company of Philip Kirkorov and Vladimir Presnyakov. Many subscribers men didn’t even know Diva, because in 1995, she looked completely different.

“Pugachev looks much better now than it was then,” “So much was different. And fashion, and the people themselves looked different”, “I have the feeling that Alla eat rejuvenating apples. How amazing she looks now compared to this photo,” he started to write the fans of the stars.

Alla admits that diet, but did not disclose its details. And over time changed not only the appearance of the singer, but her style in clothing. In the mid-90s Pugacheva chose to wear oversized hoodies, which have become her trademark. Now the Diva picks tight dresses and mini loves.

Fans believe that the secret of youth Pugacheva is not only an effective diet, but in regular cosmetic procedures.

However, the main reason the flawless appearance of the actress is to care for her beloved husband. Maxim Galkin often share family photos, always stressing how lucky he is with the chosen one. Alla also publicly admits to feelings for the comedian. After the wedding, held this summer, the artist devoted wife touching post.

“Thank God that I could still be married for the second time. Today is a meaningful and righteous action in the name of love and loyalty for the rest of my days. o Lord! Prolong my happy life as long as possible in the health and well-being of my husband and children,” Pugachev wrote on Instagram.

Now the star rarely goes out, but her every appearance on the red carpet produces a sensation. Old photos of Alla, in the opinion of its fans, the best way to confirm the Herculean work that Pugacheva has held daily over themselves.