Fans Gufa and Keti Topuria discuss their joint vacation

Поклонники Гуфа и Кети Топурия обсуждают их совместный отпуск The soloist of group A’studio and popular rapper again fueled the rumors about his affair. Subscribers I suspect that Katie Topuria and Alexey Dolmatov rest in Thailand. The reason for a new wave of gossip began photos and comments in social networks of celebrities.

Rumors about the novel the soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria and popular hip-hop artist Gufa appeared about a year ago, the reason for them was paparazzing video. In the media appeared information that the relationship between the artists began during the video shooting, and the holidays they all spent together in Thailand. The then Katie was married to businessman Lev Gamanam, the father of her daughter Olivia.

Artists first, did not comment on the gossip, and later even organized a live broadcast on the social network for their fans to show what actually they have a relationship. Alexey Dolmatov gave a full review, saying that he and Katie are good friends.

Guf Keti Topuria managed to date live

“We had a good talk with Kathy, friends. But we are not so close to travel together to relax. And that we spent relaxing on an island, I only found out on arrival in Moscow. I have great respect for Katie and her family. And it certainly doesn’t deserve to be dragged into this affair. I, as a person and so not with the best reputation, this may be even at hand, but could think of someone else,” said the rapper.

However, no matter what, the conversation that Katie and Alexis share something more than friendship, did not cease. There was an anonymous witness, claiming that the actors practically live together, in her house, he has. It was rumored that Katie even introduced Alexei with his family, and sometimes she has dinner with him in Georgian restaurants. Fans carefully examined the photo on personal pages of the stars: in one picture they could tell the waist of the actress, while others have discovered the similarity of the hairstyles of the unknown girl with the hair artist.

Now Katie and the rest of the Guf. He and his parents located in Thailand, lead singer of pop group too, basking on the beach in hot countries. Topuria posted a photo on the background of the ocean without a signature and indication of geolocation. Gough commented on the: “Where are you?” – he wrote. And immediately received dozens of replies, but not from Katie, but from the followers. Fans are convinced that this issue Alex is trying to cover up the fact that resting with Katie in one place and introduced her to his parents. Fans really do not understand why young people did not want to declassify their relationship. “You guys are so cool, let’s have a joint photo!” – please followers.

Recall that Katie and Alex are officially free men. The singer confirmed her divorce from Lev Gamanam in September of this year, and Gough about the same time broke up with his girlfriend Lesia. Alexei Dolmatov a son Sam, born in marriage with ISA.

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