Fans found ugly new image Ivan Dorn

Поклонники сочли безобразным новый имидж Ивана Дорна The last few months, the artist missed the party because I was very busy. Ivan was in America, where they recorded their new album. Recently, Dorn began to return to secular life. Fans surprised by his sudden change.

      Поклонники сочли безобразным новый имидж Ивана Дорна

      Recently 28-year-old Ivan Dorn was almost impossible to meet at social events. The artist worked on a new album, the third in a row, because since the release of the latest album of the musician “Randorn” it’s been two years. Recently, however, Dorn attended the event organised by the glossy magazines. On it Ivan surprised many present unexpected change in image – he shaved her head, dropped the beard and wearing colorful bandana.

      Fans mandrel disliked him. According to most followers of the artist, he should put himself in order and get rid of the bushy beard, which he decidedly is not.

      “Grandpa Ivan”, “What’s with you?” “Like a snowman”, “Please shave”, “It’s not you!” “Tom Hardy?”, “Good Santa Claus. Now you can go and congratulate the children”, “come”, “I Want the old van”, “Santa Claus,” “the Pirate,” was discussed by the followers of a celebrity.

      The Ivan comments from fans just amused. After some time, the artist posted the photo, which its vegetation has visibly increased in size. “Two years of work on the album,” said Dorn in his microblog. Publication executor’s pretty fun to his fans. “Hysteria”. “It’s five!” “I recorded the song, not looking up from the microphone and remote control”, “That’s the result of hard work”, “get a life”, “do Not be ashamed,” wrote members of Ivan.

      Note that Ivan Dorn has worked on the new album in the US. In the program “stol zakazov” on RU.TV the actor told Alena Vodonaevoy that didn’t shave for three months to be spent abroad. In addition, Ivan talked about the surprises he is preparing his fans. The man recorded a duet with Andrey Zaporozhets, the leader of the group SunSay.

      “I decided the first time to tell my stylist that I wanted to try a different style. He said to them: “I’ll do it myself”. And I shaved my head,” explained Dorn Vodonaevoy.

      By the way, Ivan Dorn went to work in America, not just. In one of his interviews, the actor talked about the fact that he wants to receive a Grammy award. It is important to Dorne as a title, which is nice to have. So he worked on his new album hard.