Фанаты вычислили таинственную возлюбленную Димы Билана
The singer intrigued fans.

Dima keeps his personal life secret, so many years none of the fans will not know with certainty what connects the singer with various girls with whom he appears at social events. The only novel was talking about Bilan, was with model Helena kuletskoy. However, later the star admitted that they are always associated only friendship, but romance was a PR for both.

Also Dima “attributed” relationship with Opera singer Julia Lima and model Ksenia Sukhinova. But recently in a personal blog Bilan in star tradition began “flickering” pictures of the mystery girl. Dima seemed specially photographed or filmed a video in the background female hands, the legs… But today fans of the singer finally figured out who spends time Bilan.

Photo: Instagram

Early in the morning, the singer released another video in which a closeup shot of legs and arms sitting on his bed girl. Fans have “tried” them to multiple candidates and found that morning in the bedroom Bilan met singer Polina, which has won worldwide popularity with his collaboration with Eminem, Rihanna and many others. She even received the prestigious award “Grammy” in America, where he lives from an early age.

Recently Polina Vladimir Bystrov (it’s her real name) returned to Russia and recorded a duet with Dima Bilan. The stars have already filmed a video for the song “Drunk love.” You can again suspect Dima PR in honor of the premiere collaborative track and video, but office romances are not cancelled. Especially when two talented, young and free.

By the way, this cooperation Bilan announced: “this is what happens when the New 2018 fall in love with the track, music composer and poet! It turns out the creative Association on mutual creative wave!” So it is possible that the Duo get something more than just a song.