Фанаты опасаются за здоровье Димы Билана

Fans of Dima Bilan worried about his idol – it seems that famous singer loses weight. To this conclusion they came, after seeing a recent photo of the artist at his photos published in Instagram, where he was pictured by the pool in Alushta.

Participant and winner of the international Eurovision song contest is currently in its tour on the black sea coast, which alternates concerts and rest after the summer on the street.
Fans of the singer, his body seemed too weary, what they immediately wrote to him in the comments.
“Eat, Dima, eat!… At least until our concert live.. terribly thin, and the beard generally tough.. As grandpa was.. He needs to gain a few pounds” — written by fans.
The artist himself has repeatedly admitted in interviews that his health affected by the constant load and stress. Fans are worried that he’s hiding from some serious illness, spiteful critics nod at illegal drugs.

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