Fans discuss the secret wedding of Katie Zsuzsa

Поклонники обсуждают тайную свадьбу Кати Жужи The star of “House-2” has intrigued followers. Kate shared pictures of the hotel, where on the bed laid the inscription “Happy honeymoon”. Fans of Zsuzsa came to the conclusion that she was married.

Former leading “House-2” Kate Susan has intrigued fans by sharing pictures of rooms Maldivian signal. Star posing on the bed decorated with flowers. On the white sheet laid with the inscription in English: “Happy honeymoon”. Followers of a young woman surprised with this scenario of events. She’s trying to know whether Susan was married or she was joking.

“Did I miss something? Congratulations!”, “Kate, who got married?”, “Don’t keep us”, “Married? For this reason, it turns out, was a bachelorette party. Cool, congratulations! And who is the husband, very interesting!” – wrote the user Network.

Someone from the followers not considered in the toe of Zsuzsa wedding rings that caused the issues. “We have tattoos instead of rings!” – said Katya, answering comments. However, in the caption to the pictures the young woman thanked for the congratulations.

Leading recently shared pictures from a slumber party she’s throwing at home. Then some members came to the conclusion that Susan organized a bachelorette party before the wedding.

Earlier, Susan said that she had a boyfriend. The beloved star was unhappy with her work, so she had to make a choice. Katya decided to leave the project “Dom-2”. Now there is a news leads Marina Afrikantov. Susan told me that he plans to try his hand at other industries. She performs with the live sets, and is also preparing to open his own business.

Some time ago, Susan had met with businessman Oleg Vinnik. They experienced a lot of difficulties in the relationship. Katya did not differ patience, which provoked conflicts. Oleg did not like that his fiancee spent a lot of time at work. After one major incident winnick Packed up and moved out. Now the man has a new girlfriend that he’s happy.

By the way, Kate is not the first time hints to fans on his marriage. During the relationship with Winnick, she repeatedly posted pictures, which you could see the ring on her ring finger. But the couple have not got married, so now fans are skeptical about the news of the marriage of Katie.