Fans discuss the reunification Bulanova Radimov and after divorce

Поклонники обсуждают воссоединение Булановой и Радимова после развода Fans believe that the star couple managed to re-inflamed the feelings for each other. The reason for such speculation was a photo posted in Instagram skater Tatiana Volosozhar. The picture shows the couple posing together and look incredibly happy.
Поклонники обсуждают воссоединение Булановой и Радимова после развода

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov many seemed the perfect couple. The couple had been married for 11 years, but in 2016, came the news of their parting. Despite the imminent divorce, the singer and the football player continued to live under the same roof. Fans were sure that ex-lovers are leaving specifically because they do not believe until the end in the correctness of his decision.

Bulanova herself has repeatedly noted that there was little likelihood of their reconciliation. Recently the star couple together attended the performance with Tatiana Volosozhar. The skater has laid out a joint picture with an unequivocal signature.

“We were glad to see us play a wonderful singer, the Honored artist of Russia, Tatyana Bulanov and her husband, former captain of FC “Zenit” and national team of Russia Vladislav Radimov,” – said Tatiana.

Fans immediately noticed that the picture Radimov touching hugging his wife’s waist. They came to the conclusion that the couple managed to overcome the existing problems and start new stage of relations. “Vlad, you’re back together? I’m so happy, a lovely pair”, “aren’t they divorced? Now I have to worry about their possible reconciliation,” “so beautiful and in love. Tatiana I wish you personal happiness, good for her,” wrote the fans of the couple.

Spouses prefer as little as possible to comment on the status of their relationship. A few weeks ago, Tatiana Bulanova in the program “the Secret to a million,” noted that her husband is still trying to establish contact with her. However, the actress is not sure she can trust the second half after rumors of numerous Affairs.

“It’s not just about the cheating. Simple relations have been exhausted, the thrill is gone but we kept a great relationship. Just recently he texted me “I love you”. I responded with a smiley face. Not sure what that something might come out. In any case, we communicate well, do not quarrel. Of course, divorce was very hard, but I believe that it was necessary”, – said the singer.

Despite the fact that Tatiana is determined, the fans still hope for a speedy reconciliation of ex-lovers. According to them, the couple together for a reason published and still continue to live in the same house. It is possible that the artist managed to forgive Ragimovu infidelity, and their relationship finally at peace.

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