Поклонники обсуждают интересное положение Натальи Подольской Followers are convinced that the star is expecting her second child. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov previously stated that they plan to focus on the son I want give birth to a daughter.

      Поклонники обсуждают интересное положение Натальи Подольской

      Natalia Podolskaya, Vladimir Presnyakov and their infant son Artemy rest in Sunny Valencia. Star publishes family vacation photos from the shores of the Mediterranean. Images for Natalia and Vladimir look absolutely happy.

      Meanwhile, fans of artists increasingly began to notice that the Podolsky form is somewhat rounded. To be more precise, the fans drew attention to the waist of the star. Many of them felt that the midsection of Natalya became more visible, and this means that it may be in an interesting position. “Instagram” singer has appear assumptions.

      “The photo is, or tummy come from?”, “And my tummy imagining”, “Pregnant?”, “Tummy, I was right”, “You are very beautiful the last time, I’m sure my daughter will”, “You are again in the situation! Great,” wrote Podolsk fans.

      It is worth noting that Vladimir and Natalia enjoy the city of Denia. They eat seafood and other delicacies in the local restaurants and have fun in the company of Oleg Mitvol and his wife Ludmila. By the way, pictures with his son in Podolsk microblog are almost there: only sometimes the singer shows the stroller, which sleeps a little Artemia.

      We will remind, literally in may, Natalia and Vladimir also visited Jerusalem, where they visited the famous Wailing Wall. According to legend, the wall has a special power, which helps to fulfill the cherished desire. Likely that Podolsky and Presnyakov asked Wall about the secret.

      Earlier in interview to Andrey Malakhov, the famous singer talked about the fact that dreams of a second child. He would like to wife gave birth to a daughter. Vladimir also admitted that he revealed the secret of happy family life.

      Vladimir Presnyakov: “Now I want a daughter”

      “The day of the wedding the lady that checked us in, said women love flowers not only on special occasions. And more words every day. They any noodles will forgive you if you present beautifully. And the wife should always compliment her husband. And it’s the absolute truth. We Party Wake up, and most importantly for me – to see her smile. Nothing better can not be, and now even the laughter of the baby has increased,” said Presnyakov.

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