Fans discuss the fabulously wealthy darling Victoria Boni

Фанаты обсуждают сказочно богатого избранника Виктории Бони
Fans are sure that he declassified the identity of the new boyfriend.

Фанаты обсуждают сказочно богатого избранника Виктории Бони

Marouane Fellaini

Photo: Social Networks

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Fans are sure that they have got to disclose the identity of the mysterious boyfriend of Victoria Boni. Fanclub Russian star discusses her affair with a Belgian footballer of Moroccan descent. The name of the athlete who won the heart of a star “Houses-2” — 29-year-old Marouane Fellaini. Award-winning footballer, according to media reports, fabulously rich and very generous. It was he, according to rumors, gives Boni and her five year old daughter angelina luxury gifts.

As it turned out, the recent recognition of Victoria about the groom-the Italian Federico has been done to “divert attention” from the personality of the elect of the TV stars. “There’s no Frederico! I invented it!” — admitted the model. What need of such careful secrecy is unclear, because in the spring of last year, Bonia received the status of a free girl: she officially announced the breakup with the father of her daughter Alex Servicom. But about the personal life of Fellaini almost unknown, perhaps secret relationship on his initiative.

Recently, Boni noticed in Ireland on vacation with her ex-husband (so he calls Victoria herself). They spent the weekend together, and after a TV personality together with her daughter went to the Maldives.

His affair with the footballer she fundamentally does not comment, but admitted that her lover is young and attractive. However, it is worth noting that Beaune is often credited with non-existent Boyfriends. For example, recently in the Turkish media broke the scandal because of the fact that Victoria allegedly was trying to break up the star of “the Magnificent century” Burak with his wife.