Fans discuss pregnancy Olga Seryabkina

Фанаты обсуждают беременность Ольги Серябкиной Assumptions about the interesting situation was provoked by photos of the singer. Olga Seryabkina appeared in public in a dress that emphasized her roundness. Fans argue, prepares the soloist of the group Serebro to become a mother or just chose a bad angle for the shot.

      Фанаты обсуждают беременность Ольги Серябкиной

      The soloist of the group Serebro Olga Seryabkina her fans have suspected pregnancy. Talk about interesting position of the singer provoked her producer Maxim Fadeev, posting on a microblog ambiguous picture taken during the award ceremony MUZ-TV in 2016.

      In the photo Olga Seryabkina imprinted in the society stylist Konstantin Kochagov. “Guinness world records” – the tallest man in the world and the shortest man in the world!” commented the Maxim Fadeev, alluding to the diminutive size of the ward.

      Followers producer at first surprised a sharp contrast in the growth of Seryabkina Olga and Konstantin Kochugova, and then went on to discuss the appearance of the vocalist, which seemed to them very suspicious. Dress Olga as noted fans of the group Serebro, too, emphasizes the characteristic bulge in the abdomen, immediately rushed to assume that the singer is in an interesting position.

      Фанаты обсуждают беременность Ольги Серябкиной“I think I see a belly, “Pregnant?”, “As if pregnant”, “it’s either recovered, or a bad dress and perspective,” the assumptions put forward some fans of the band Serebro.

      Others ask the doubters to go in microblogging Olga Seryabkina and to make sure the star shape lately, there have been no changes. The singer is still slim, has slim waist and flat tummy.

      “She’s not pregnant, don’t spread rumors. Bad frame, take a look at Olga in costume for performance award”, “You what? She’s not pregnant! If that were so, she wouldn’t wear such revealing clothes. Just not a good shot, but if she was pregnant, it would be very cool,” cooled the ardor of the fans to spread rumors groupies Olga Seryabkina.

      It is worth noting that the singer’s fans dreaming about her pregnancy so often that talks about an interesting position Seryabkina from time to time flare up with new force. A little over six months ago, the star has already received congratulations with the pregnancy. And a reason to talk about it also gave Maxim Fadeev. He published a picture with Olga, accompanied by an intriguing comment. “Three of them were sitting! But who’s the third, I can’t say!” – wrote Fadeev.

      But later, when the fans made their own conclusions about the third, not present in the photo man, Maxim Fadeev hastened to report that it was about adult men who did not like publicity and therefore does not hit the frame.


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