Fans discuss open neckline Pugacheva

Поклонники обсуждают откровенное декольте Пугачевой Alla again blew social networks. Followers discuss new photo Pugacheva. Special attention of fans was attracted by the dress of a prima Donna, and now everyone is talking about the bold open neckline of the singer.
Поклонники обсуждают откровенное декольте Пугачевой

Any release of Diva is an event. Discuss where and why she went, and most importantly it looks like and what wearing. Now Pugacheva family holidays by the sea, but still makes a name for himself.

Her husband, entertainer and TV presenter pleases fans with fresh photos and videos with the participation of Alla.

The last photo just blew up the Network. Maksim posted a picture Pugacheva, which she appeared before the public in a white outfit with a bold, open neckline.

Most fans are in awe of the looks of the Diva. Internet users believe that young actress love and harmony.

“Awesome! I look and admire. The motivator! So a woman should look like. It is a great effort and self-control”, “Max, you’re at least open secret. How she manages to look so fresh? How she manages to stay in shape?”, “The harmony of all young! All those who are overweight, look older than they really are. Alla – well done! She finally made the lightness of the image”, “Every woman wanted to look as good as Alla, at least in 60 years,” wrote the fans of the singer.

However, some members allowed themselves a bit of criticism Pugacheva and her choice of clothing. Noted that the trousers really suit her personality, but the white blouse “for his age”, and also accused Maxim to use photo filters, with which he makes such flawless images.

Alla in April celebrated his 69 birthday. Pugacheva never hid his age, referring to the figures philosophically. As a public person, she got used to the fact that the fans always closely watched not only for her creativity but for her appearance. But I almost never reacted to the criticism of others.

How is caring for Pugacheva rumor, and she rarely allows herself to talk about it. One thing is clear, the last time Alla is not only carefully watching their health and nutrition. So, from the recent video posted it is clear that the Diva does not allow himself to relax, and on her Desk – only fresh and healthy diet foods, mainly vegetables. Alla Pugacheva severely restricts your diet

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