Fans disappointed new image Nyusha

Фанаты разочарованы новым имиджем Нюши
Recently popular singer Nyusha became the guest of the program “Evening Urgant”.

Фанаты разочарованы новым имиджем Нюши

On the official website of the program in the Internet appeared the photo of the singer, where her fans could hardly recognize. Fans felt that Nyusha has lost its individuality, and became like many other representatives of show business.

“Thought it was Keti Topuria”, “What about it?”, “Lost my individuality”, “Not to know”, “not Yet read, I wanted to ask who it is. It turns out — Nyusha” — wondered the followers.

And I think that Nyusha is pretty good looks in such a simple way, although apparently fans used to see her in skimpy outfits.

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