Fans didn’t know old Jim Carrey

Фанаты не узнали постаревшего Джима Кэрри
A new photo of the actor shocked his fans.

Фанаты не узнали постаревшего Джима Кэрри

Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey


Recently 55-year-old Jim Carrey shocked his followers
microblog, put up a new photo. “God, I can’t believe it! Do
this is Jim???” — wrote one of the fans. “I have spent 10 seconds looking at this photo
until my brain realized that it’s really Kerry. At first I thought
before me one of the later pictures
Robin Williams!” commented another fan of Jim talent.

Kerry, who decided to congratulate their fans
with Easter, depicted himself with a small fluffy Bunny and a carrot. “Happy Easter! Let all be warm and cozy!” — a signature
Jim supplied the photo. As for the reaction from the fans of the actor on the new
the you can understand. Jim, who got recently long gray
a beard, looks much older. However,
not necessary to be surprised: the last two years was for Kerry very

It all started with the fact that in the fall of 2015
died his girlfriend Catriona white. And soon her mother, Bridget Sweetman, accused
it is that the daughter died because of him. In my lawsuit against Kerry, she accused the actor that he gave Catriona from three sexually transmitted
diseases, which led her to depression, which ended in the death. Jim, however, claims that this is all slander and attempted extortion. However, when in December last year
the actor demanded an end to the matter, his request was not granted. Final
a decision on this claim so far not accepted.