Fans didn’t know Amalia Mordvinova

Фанаты не узнали Амалию Мордвинову

The star of the series “Hunting for Cinderella” has changed beyond recognition.

Fans of the TV series “Hunting for Cinderella”, which in 2000 glorified Amalia Mordvinova already generally forgotten, as is their star. In Russia the actress has long been an infrequent visitor. Seven years ago, she went to live in India, then moved to America. And all this time of it almost nothing was heard.

And finally, Amalia decided to show the Russian public. The actress appeared on the premiere of the film of Pavel Lungin “the Queen of Spades”, but the former star did not recognize neither the fans nor the journalists.

First, the reason for this was the prevailing excitement in the cinema “October”: photographers barely had time to remove without a stop of the arriving stars. And when on the red carpet appeared elegant red-haired lady, journalists began to take it off, it seems, purely by inertia. And whispered among themselves, saying, who is this – does anyone know? This woman, posing on the red carpet in a purple jacket and purple tights, can be difficult to learn the Cinderella of the series 2000-ies. One might think that Zhanna Aguzarova… But the tip was red hair. Still in business not so many redheads stars and Mordvinov was once one of the brightest representatives of.

By the way, 42-year-old celebrity and now looks very impressive. She hasn’t aged, on the contrary, has blossomed and has got prettier. And apparently she is satisfied with the reflection in the mirror, decided to return to secular life. Maybe another actress will return to filming in movies… We would be only too happy.