Поклонники не узнали располневшего Витаса The recent emergence of the artist in public caused heated discussions on the Network. Vitas came to the court hearing, following which he was arrested for seven days. The singer admitted it was wrong, disturbing neighbors with loud gunshots.
Поклонники не узнали располневшего Витаса

The other day 39-year-old Vitaly Grachev, better known as Vitas, was arrested for defiant behavior in a luxury cottage settlement located in the suburbs. The perpetrator was shooting at the birds with blanks. Law enforcement officers made the Protocol according to article 20.1 of the administrative code “Petty hooliganism”. The judge ruled to arrest the artist for seven days. Following the meeting, Vitas in handcuffs taken to the detention center, located in Istra.

Vitas was arrested for the shooting

“To blame. I think the punishment is absolutely fair,” shared the actor, joking that it would begin to write a new album behind bars.
Поклонники не узнали располневшего Витаса

According to journalists of TV channel “Russia 24”, the singer came to the court with the guards, but they are not needed. According to them, Vitas has not attracted increased attention from others, and the judge didn’t recognize him.

Video of the meeting posted on YouTube. Social media users also did not initially realize that the story shows just Vitas. According to them, the actor has changed beyond recognition. At the same time, defenders of the artist called for an end to the discussion of the appearance of the stars. Fans of Vitas said that he did the right thing, acknowledging his mistake.

Поклонники не узнали располневшего Витаса

Previously the producer of the star Sergei Pudovkin said his artist celebrated a significant event. In China, has made a wax figure in honor of the singer. But the neighbors did not share the enthusiasm of Vitas on this occasion, and hastened to restore the silence. According to journalists, the firing was attended by three year old son Vitas Maxim. So the celebrity may be required to appear before the guardianship order to listen to a moralistic lecture.

Recall that Vitas is not the first time is at the center of public attention due to issues with the law. In 2013, the court sentenced the artist to pay a fine in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. Then the actor on his SUV hit a cyclist and then started to argue with witnesses and law enforcement officers. The Prosecutor General’s office reported that in the course of clarifying the circumstances of Vitas allowed themselves to use violence against officials – the artist kicked the commander of the PPP.

Later, the singer admitted his guilt and said he repented. Interests celebrities, as now, was represented by the lawyer Sergei Zhorin. The court has attached to the case letter to colleagues Vitas in show business. The artists were asked to show leniency to Grachev. In defense of the artist was Yuri Antonov, Nikolai Baskov, Alexander Marshall, Stas Peha Valeria and Ani Lorak. Commenting on the verdict Vitas, the then representative of the UK Vladimir Markin said that it will be a “good lesson” for the performer.