Фанаты раскритиковали провокационный образ Басты с длинными волосами
The rapper compared Buzova and Kirkorov.

Photo: Instagram

Basta unpleasantly surprised his fans when he appeared on the recording of my show “GAZLIVE”. This time in the Studio Vasily Vakulenko came his young colleague T-Fest. The ex-presenter of “the Voice. Children” dressed in a white suit, red socks, pointy shoes, and on his head wore a black wig.

“How do they walk in these things? — surprised the Basil after the first 10 minutes in the image, interspersing his speech with profanity. — It is necessary all the time to keep the door to close the tent!”

Fans Basta did not appreciate such an extravagant image of the rapper. Someone compared the singer’s Olga Buzova, which is quite a long time wore the same hairstyle. Trouble Basta just yesterday on the First channel premiered a new clip of Philip Kirkorov for the song “mood Color blue.” In the video the king of pop “flaunting” in exactly the same wig.

“Rap Busta over here now!” — said one of the subscribers Basta in his personal blog. Many agreed with him.

Photos of this image at all attracted a record number of comments. On average, under the posts Basil usually hardly 300-400 typed messages, and then for the first 12 hours almost a thousand reviews. And almost all negative.