Fans criticized the new image of Olga Seryabkina

Фанаты раскритиковали новый образ Ольги Серябкиной
The soloist of popular group “Silver” Olga Seryabkina loves to experiment with looks and try on new images.

Фанаты раскритиковали новый образ Ольги Серябкиной

But recently published photos of the members didn’t even recognize the performer. Olga in the photo appeared in a boyish way, although it always appeared in sexy feminine outfits and bright makeup.

The picture was taken in the office of the producer centre of Maxim Fadeev, and the image of the boy-bully was unusual to see on Seryabkina.

Members did not appreciate such an image of the stars and advised her to return to the old way.

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