Фанаты раскритиковали новый образ Ольги Кузьминой
The star of the show “Kitchen” turned into a rocker.

Photo: Instagram

And on the screen, and in ordinary life, Olga Kuzmina prefers to dress girly or just comfortable in the style of “casual”. But why not do it in the thirst for experimentation! The actress at the shoot tried unexpected way rocker.

“Disheveled hair, on the arm bandana, and of course high boots!” — described her own look.

Fans of the star, which she showed this photo in Instagram, basically, did not like this image. They came to the conclusion that Olga, as a true petite girl (height Actresses 157 cm), wore dresses. So it is like a small elegant statue, not the youngster, which stole jeans and a t-shirt older brother.

By the way, recently Olga announced good news for the fans of the TV series “Kitchen” and “Hotel Eleon”. Along with fellow actress is preparing a sequel the country’s history.

“We produced a play based on the “Kitchen”. Talk about this production my partners on the series began back in 2012, — said Olga. — Of course, we dreamed that in this show involved all of our acting team, but it was difficult. All of their graphics, their plans. In the end, there are those who have managed to find the time and who really wanted to participate in this work. The show is called “Kitchen on the road” — the plot of the play our entire team goes to the Banquet in a private mansion”.