Fans criticized plump Victoria Bonia

Поклонники раскритиковали располневшую Викторию Боню
The model gained weight.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonia probably never will be able to cater to demanding subscribers. This summer, the model was heavily criticized because of depleted species on the background of the raw food diet. She attributed anorexia and promotion of unhealthy lifestyles. Now, when Victoria put on some weight again fans unhappy.

On the eve of the Bonya has published a photo, which looks a bit bigger than she was before, and collected hundreds of disapproving comments in his address. “Hand like a man… EW”, “Hand thick, a failed frame up or down?”, “Found a new boyfriend and immediately started”, “All swollen… Maybe pregnant?”, “It is urgent to return to the diet”, have criticized the Bony followers.

Meanwhile, Victoria recently revealed that she has a really puffy face, but this is not associated with excess weight, and operation within the framework of its struggle for a Hollywood smile. The model, according to her, recently performed operation — cut the frenulum of the lower lip. And, as shared Bonia, swelling after surgery is still some time to hold.

According to the latest information, in a short time Victoria finally get married. She had an affair with the Italian by Frederick and is already planning to connect it with his life and bear him children. Lovers even chose a name for the unborn child: if a son, then it will be called Merom, and if there will be another girl, will call her Victoria.