Fans congratulate Olympic champion Svetlana Romashin birth of a child

Поклонники поздравляют олимпийскую чемпионку Светлану Ромашину с рождением ребенка The athlete shared the happy news on Instagram. Svetlana Romashina had a baby girl and revealed the first image of the baby. Fans rushed to wish the young mother and her heir health.

Five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Svetlana Romashina and her husband Nikolay Zaharov became parents. The athlete did not hide such a significant change in your own life, and therefore spoke about the birth of a daughter in one of the social networks. The young woman said, what an incredibly happy long-awaited appearance of the successor to light.

“That’s the day! Finally we met! Daddy and I love you very much”, signed touching the fivefold Olympic champion in synchronized swimming.

About pregnancy sports stars became known this summer. A young woman actively shared photos, which were visible rounded tummy. She talked about the new sensations and was looking forward to the baby born.

The girl was born in one of capital clinics. While the athlete did not disclose the name of the girl, as well as its height and weight.

Fans rushed to congratulate Romashin on such a significant event. “I wish you and daughter the perfect health. In your life came brand new, stunning stage, Beautiful news, very happy for you”, “Congratulations. I hope the baby will grow up to be a champion”, – shared her emotions the subscribers Svetlana on Instagram.

The Olympic champion led an active lifestyle throughout the pregnancy. So, at the 36th week a young woman can easily drop into the splits, do not forget to share with the fans their success.

Fans Romashina hope she will be able to recover quickly after childbirth and to take part in the Olympic games 2020. While the champion has not commented on his return to the national team in synchronized swimming. The coming weeks Svetlana are going to devote to the care of a newborn baby and communicate with her husband.

The athlete and her partner met for several years, and in 2015-m to year has decided to legalize the relationship. Svetlana sometimes shares touching photos with her husband, always confessing her love for him and thanks for the support.