Fans congratulate Nelly Ermolaev with the birth of first child

Поклонники поздравляют Нелли Ермолаеву с рождением первенца The baby was born in one of the American clinics. Nelly Ermolaeva during pregnancy openly talked about everything that was happening to her. Now fans congratulate new parents and wish the baby health.
Поклонники поздравляют Нелли Ермолаеву с рождением первенца

I must say that throughout pregnancy Ermolaeva did not disclose the sex of the firstborn. However, she noticed everything that happened with her at the time of the child’s expectations, and then very openly talked about all his fans.

“Many people ask me about alcohol during pregnancy. For me personally – absolutely not. Even a SIP of red wine or champagne for the New year – still no, no and no again. You know, some of beremenosti allow myself a glass of red or beer. Say that the doctor allows and type blood useful! I’m against it! Why increase the amount of alcohol in the blood? Because alcohol passes to the baby. Can increase heart rate, heart rate and even blood pressure! Vessels need to be careful. And, perhaps, also fermentation in the gut and heartburn! So, if someone can not wait, think about the baby,” says the presenter.

Today it became known that TV presenter and former contestant of reality show “Dom-2” Nelly Yermolayeva first became a mother. The baby was born in one of maternity homes of the United States. Now reality TV star with a newborn baby feel great and ready to be discharged.

Fans praised Nelly for being so responsible attitude to their health and life of the future baby. They admired the fact that the reality star tried to follow all doctors ‘ recommendations and did not miss visits to specialists.

“Every time I come to the U.S., I always cry from happiness. It is impossible to see your little one without the tears of happiness. We have such a large. By the way, we are already growing the hairs on my head. And I was assured that it will be heartburn. There is nothing like this. Don’t even know what it is” – shared Ermolaeva.

Nellie was very active lifestyle, she continued to work, travel and participate in various projects.