Фанаты осудили голую Анастасию Волочкову за шпагат в бане Ballerina surprised fans. Anastasia arranged the traditional Wellness treatments the first of January. After that, the celebrity shared with subscribers a very clear picture.
Фанаты осудили голую Анастасию Волочкову за шпагат в бане

Loyal followers Anastasia Volochkova know how anxiously their favorite treats to their health and appearance. Any beauty salon, hot blonde prefer a steam room. Star regularly organises itself such leisure, telling fans about the benefits of such a pastime. The day after the New year, the celebrity gave myself a day of relaxation, impressions from which were shared on Instagram.

“According to tradition, the first of January I soared in the Russian bath. And as this day you spend? Due to numerous requests twine 2018!” signed photograph of Volochkova.

However, not all members were able to appreciate the frankness of the stars. In the comments under the post Anastasia’s followers staged a real debate. Some praised the idol for the courage, sense of humor and excellent physical training. Other – on the contrary, the artist expressed dissatisfaction with the overly erotic. They felt that the blonde didn’t choose the best place to show off their stretch marks.

“The bathhouse! How cool! Nastya, well done – looking good and to his ironic attitude!”, “What a beautiful, gentle, sweet girl was and what became of…”, “She’s wearing underwear? Seriously? The children were watching!”, “Who scolds you then, just itself can not be split to show! On the contrary it’s cool that you share these photos of funny”, “Everyone knows that you plastic, but this photo is obviously too much. So many scandals, and then she put her legs bristling stuff. Twine is a sport, but not in the bath! Awful, Nasty, ugly and indecent,” he said subscribers.

It is worth noting that the debate about the actions of the famous ballerina arise not for the first time. Apart from the audience, tips on about the appearance Volochkova give some colleagues. So, in a recent edition of “let’s get married” Larisa Guzeeva jokingly chided Anastasia for the overly revealing neckline. Anastasia Volochkova revealed the truth about working in adult films

“You would have lower neckline made. Knew that for the bride will fight and did all that attention was on you. Well done!” – said TV presenter.