Fans concerned about the thinness Colin Firth

55-year-old Briton Colin Firth arrived in Cannes. The star of the movie “the King’s speech” seemed on several occasions accompanied by his wife Libya.
The outputs of the Firth were under the scrutiny of the press. And all because of the changing appearance of the actor.

The fact that Colin lost a lot of weight, which literally reflected in his face. Fallen cheeks, and the wrinkles seemed more pronounced. Note that in rest, the actor looked flawless as always: neat suit, white shirt and grey tie.

Поклонники обеспокоены худобой Колина Ферта

Perhaps Firth again decided to get in shape for a new role, as he did for the sake of participation in the film “Retaliation” in 2013. But information on the film that the British have to withdraw, have been reported.

By the way, today in Cannes was presented a new film starring Kristen Stewart “Personal shopper”. For the festival, Stewart brought his ex-girlfriend Alicia Kargil to brag about my new job, but the film was very coldly received by the public.

Frankly – feed the audience “was zabuxali”.

The film tells about living in Paris the American. It helps the stars to pick up clothes and has psychic powers. Note that the author of the film was Olivier Assayas. Previously, Kristen was already working with him on the film “Sils Maria”, which subsequently earned her the French “Oscar”.

Поклонники обеспокоены худобой Колина Ферта

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