Fans can’t see Victoria Bonia

Поклонники не могут узнать Викторию Боню
Former member of the home electroni country Victoria Bonia is an active user of the Network, on her microblog in Instagram signed by more than 5.8 million people.

Поклонники не могут узнать Викторию Боню

Victoria often inspires his followers with new photos from everyday life. On the same day it published a picture taken after gymnastics for the eyes, but Victoria was heavily criticized.

Поклонники не могут узнать Викторию Боню

“Done, eye exercise, you can now relaxati.. I love these exercises, the result is visible immediately! 20-25 min a day and face in good shape!”- said in the caption Bonia.

Many netizens have noticed that celebrity in recent times is becoming less and less like me, and her face already looks quite naturally.

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