Fans came to the defense of the offended Yulia Proskuryakova

Фанаты встали на защиту оскорбленной Юлии Проскуряковой
The singer was the victim of critics well-known blogger.

Igor Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova

Photo: Elena Sukhova

A well-known blogger Lena Miro, known for his controversial statements, he turned his attention to Julia Proskuryakova. The singer seriously “get it” from stars of the Internet, which in the nines criticized her appearance at a fashion show Valentin Yudashkin, held in the framework of the fashion Week in Moscow.

“Yesterday, all
village disco had to come to the event in the framework of the Moscow Weeks
fashion… Julia Proskuryakova in your dress the head of the kindergarten on morning becomes
more and more like the face of his old man. This type of person is called
“last year’s potatoes”!” — written by Lena, accompanied by his statement is not the most successful picture of the wife of Nikolaev.

At the time, as readers of Miro supported the controversial star, fans of Julia hastened to rise to her defense. Fans wrote in microblogging Proskuryakova words of support to Yulia. “Julia did not pay attention to such nasty things!”, “And anything that Julia recently became a mother! And by the way looks wonderful!” “What nonsense! It’s all envy! Julia — gorgeous!” — written by angry fans. The artist tries not to pay attention to such aggressive attacks in her direction. She did not engage in polemics with Miro. Unlike Ksenia Sobchak, who some time ago became a “target” of the blogger. Lena then said that the real father of the unborn child is the husband of TV presenter Natalya Ionova. TV star very sharply reacted to the words of Miro, ridiculed her together with Alexander Chistyakov in his microblog.