Fans called the outfit Svetlana Bondarchuk tasteless

Поклонники назвали наряд Светланы Бондарчук безвкусным
Chief editor of the magazine Hello Svetlana Bondarchuk often shares with his subscribers snapshots of daily life and often shows a perfect figure.

Поклонники назвали наряд Светланы Бондарчук безвкусным

But Svetlana has published a picture, which left her followers in disbelief. The photo was taken in Japan, and Bondarchuk poses in a white blouse with voluminous sleeves.

“Overdone Svetlana with a blouse. It is rather a Chinese lantern”, “take it and burn it”, “Who bandaged you?”, “Graaaa… I was sure You are a connoisseur of action…”, “Like a Ghost”, “the pictures, the clothes — the horror full,” surprised fans.

I agree that the outfit is a lot of questions and absolutely no clear idea of the designer of this outfit.

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