Fans are wondering who Olga Buzova dedicated photo in bikini

Поклонники гадают, кому Ольга Бузова посвятила фото в бикини The star has provoked a debate by posting hot pictures. Olga Buzova publishes daring footage, accompanied by the hashtag “I know you’re looking.” Subscribers figure out who to turn TV presenter.

TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova their activity proves that the recent painful divorce from her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov became a powerful impetus for success. After breaking up, the young woman began to live a more rich life, changed her image and her army of fans increased significantly. These days Olga Buzova with a close friend resting on one of the seaside resorts. Your pictures and video she did not accompany Geoteam, but subscribers were still able to calculate that His is in Greece.

On vacation telediva completely emancipated. In the microblogging beauty appeared hot pictures, showing all the dignity of the figure of Olga Buzova. A few provocative shots, the star was accompanied by a new hashtag, “I know you look”. Subscribers Buzova immediately began to wonder to whom it appeals. Versions, they have, in fact, only two of them – Dmitry Tarasov or his new girlfriend, model Anastasia Kostenko. Under the pictures of Olga Buzova sparked a discussion, the discussion is not so much the flawless shape of teledive how much character she tries to seduce provocative images.

“Olga, the hashtag is addressed to Dmitry Tarasov?”, “Tarasov is looking?”, “Yes, Olga, it looks and drool!”, “Well done, Olenka, let them write what they want. You’re perfect for men!” “Right, the figure is super, why not”, “Olga, you’re just a good example to all women that can make a strong woman” – discuss fans of Olga Buzova.

However, among them there are those who believe that the star does not mean your ex-husband. “And what makes you think that it is because of Tarasova!? Olga is a successful and smart woman and will not step on the same rake and remember the traitors. Maybe she has a new young man. Maybe Tarasova had in mind, and why not!? Let the biting elbows” – expressed fans.

And most likely, this version is correct. Asked in one of the posts to comments, Olga Buzova made clear that Tarasov is her past. By the way, not so long ago telediva hinted at a new relationship. During a holiday in Austria, Olga Buzova published a photo with a luxurious bouquet of flowers, saying that in the life of a man who is willing to please. Olga Buzova has hinted at a new relationship