Fans are seriously concerned about the disappearance of Alsou

Фанаты всерьез обеспокоены исчезновением Алсу
After the birth of her third child, the singer has stopped communicating.


Photo: Instagram.som

Alsou is seriously concerned fans. After she gave birth to her third child, the singer disappeared from the “radar”: I stopped into the social network. Since the publication of her last messages in the microblog it’s been 7 weeks. Fans were alarmed “by disappearance” of Alsou, which was previously the active Internet user. By the way, from Aug Instagram of the actress there were no traditional photo of the newborn baby.

By the way, she is not happy with his presence not only in social networks but also on the secular parties. After the birth of her son Alsu, perhaps temporarily, moved to a secluded kind of existence. However, we can assume that the singer is simply immersed in worries about the long-awaited boy Rafael.

Recall that my third pregnancy Alsou carefully concealed. Only in the fifth month, when rounded belly was hard to hide, she confessed to the journalists that are waiting for a baby. Alsou gave birth in Israel in one of the most elite clinics. Along with Raphael, Alsu older two charming daughters Safina and Mikella.